A canvas by artist Sasha Braulov with the OPUS club residence becomes part of the interior of the Ikra restaurant in Plyos

PIONEER and restaurant holding White Rabbit Family have launched a new creative collaboration. Artist Sasha Braulov ingeniously combined architecture and fine and applied art, presenting a new reading of the OPUS club residence on canvas.

The depiction of the project became a part of the Ikra Plyos restaurant’s interior, where guests can also try the OPUS speciality welcome cocktail and dish. In the artist’s work, executed in the technique of “documentary embroidery”, the smooth lines and architectural forms of the complex become stitches of thread, and the laconic choice of fabric and materials emphasises the minimalist character of the club residence. The architecture of Tsimailo Lyashenko & Partners is carefully transferred in every detail to the man-made canvas.

Despite the apparent difference in scale, in this representation, one can clearly see parallels between OPUS and the Ikra Plyos restaurant: elegant and chamber spaces oriented towards connoisseurs of fine style and authenticity. Art creates a kind of bridge between Moscow and Plyos, the Volga and the Moskva River, on the embankment of which OPUS will appear.

Sasha Braulov is an object designer and artist. He graduated from the Higher School of Management of St Petersburg State University. In 2014, with his wife, Nastya Kopteva, he founded the object design studio 52 FASTORY.

Sasha is a participant in Russian and foreign exhibitions. He became interested in embroidery as a child, and since then, he often refers to it in his artistic projects. In recent years he has been actively working on the series “Architecture of the Avant-garde”, which includes more than 250 works. It includes unrealised projects, lost architectural monuments as well as surviving buildings. In this way, the project’s author draws attention to the unique architecture of the 1920s and 1930s, which was so eager to throw off the shackles of tradition and step into the future. However, the “future” turned out to be more selective — the unique architecture of the avant-garde was destroyed and disappeared from the cultural layer of the XX century.

Sasha Braulov is also working on the series “Documentary Embroidery”, in which he turns to memories from his childhood, film subjects, and musicians of the present and the last century. The language of artistic expression chosen by Sasha Braulov is read by viewers intuitively due to the clear and familiar form of representation. That is why his works meet a lively response from the audience and cause a desire to travel, at least for a moment, to the world of Sasha Braulov’s embroideries, where everything is so simple and familiar.

OPUS Club residence is a de luxe class project by premium property developer PIONEER. The building with unique architecture in the form of a “wave” is being built on Derbenevskaya Street. All apartments in the project are designed with views, and unique lots with terraces, bathrooms with a window and dressing rooms with a window are available. The house is designed for 188 units, and the project will also include an A+ class business centre of the same name.