BFM.RU: Around Paveletskaya. Strolling through the neighbourhood of the future

The property development cycle is complex and multi-stage, but it is thanks to the elaborate and detailed initial concept that we can confidently say how a new project will change the neighbourhood. And with the help of modern technologies, we can show it as well. At the Moscow Urban Forum in 2023, we presented a digital version of the Paveletskaya neighbourhood, showcasing in detail not only the renovated streets, but also our projects.

The HIGH LIFE skyscrapers, the club residence as well as the OPUS business centre were maximally detailed in the digital model of the neighbourhood. In the visualisation on the modern gaming engine Unreal Engine 5 we took into account everything and even more. Façades with real materials that will be used in construction, the scale of the walking areas, details of the lobby interiors and even the number of trees and bushes that will be planted as part of the landscaping.

In the follow-up to the joint project by PIONEER and BFM.RU we discuss the details of the OPUS and HIGH LIFE projects.

“The Zamoskvorechye and Danilovsky districts, adjacent to Derbenevskaya Embankment Street, the premium high-rise neighbourhood HIGH LIFE and the OPUS club residence by the water — thanks to the joint development of PIONEER and Art3D, it is possible, using a QR code and your own smartphone, to walk through the district of the future and see what this corner of historic Moscow will be like by 2025.

You can view the location from any angle. You can go up to any floor of the sparkling, bursting towers of HIGH LIFE or the architecturally exquisite OPUS, with its geometry as if echoing the curves of the Moscow River. You can enter any apartment and examine all the details of finishing in real time. Or compare which image of Moscow is more interesting and more impressive: the calm, favourite one, which together with Krutitsky podvorye and Simonovsky Val is reflected in the river water and can be seen from the cosy club terraces, or the majestic one, which opens up from the very top of skyscrapers and gives the feeling that the Kremlin, Moscow State University, House of Music and even the Moscow City business centre can be simply taken and put all together on the palm of your hand.

You can also go into details that somehow escaped your attention before. For instance, you count how many trees there are in HIGH LIFE’s two-level courtyard. And there are 650 of them, by the way, and more than two thousand bushes, and its own birch grove, and in general the courtyard area of two hectares in the centre of Moscow — a real gift of the developer to the future residents of the project.

Or, for example, take a closer look at the business centre that is part of the OPUS project: is it for nothing that the second largest Paveletsky business cluster is called the new Moscow City? Located within walking distance of both the OPUS club residence and the premium HIGH LIFE estate, and designed to exacting “green” standards, the new Class A business centre OPUS offers office space from 50 to 2.3 thousand m².