BFM.RU: Around Paveletskaya. What the neighbourhood that has long been silent is revealing

An extremely favourable location, a rich history and the absence of a rigid architectural code — this is what the property developers saw when they finally turned their attention to the area near Paveletskaya metro station. But most importantly, they saw and appreciated the enormous urban development potential of this secluded corner of old Moscow. In a special project by PIONEER and the BFM.RU magazine, we discuss the company’s projects and the advantages of the location.

“Firstly, the area became a launching pad for the creation of the Moscow office market: it was here that mass professional construction of modern offices began, thanks to which the Paveletsky business cluster was formed (and is still actively developing). Following commercial property developers, residential market players came to the district, albeit not immediately. And then almost a miracle happened.

As recalled by PIONEER, which is now working in the Paveletsky business cluster on the integrated development of the area between the Garden Ring and the Moskva River embankment, the calculated construction enthusiasm was quickly replaced by a gentle, quiet love. The term “gentrification”, whose rigid logic was supposed to “put the district on the rails of modernity”, gave way to the much less revolutionary definition of “revival of interest in the territory”. The developer’s unquestioning monologue of “we know better how to do things” has turned into a dialogue with this atmospheric and particularly interesting corner of Moscow.

At present, PIONEER is actively taking on the role of a company/teacher who leads a very talented but much missed pupil by the hand to the school where the most prestigious districts of Moscow “gain knowledge”. The OPUS club residence and business centre on Derbenevskaya Street, the skyscrapers of the HIGH LIFE premium estate on Letnikovskaya Street: their bright modern architecture continues the district’s movement towards a better version of itself — renewed, noticeably fresher, and interesting to the residents of the XXI century with its past, present and future. Where PIONEER projects have a special place”.

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